Mr Muhammad Sadiq
Medical Ultrasound
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Mr Muhammad Sadiq

Muhammad graduated from University of Dundee with a first class Honours degree in Mechanical Engineering in 2009. His Honours year project "Laryngoscope Force Analysis" was linked with the Department of Anaesthesia, Ninewells Hospital. His work was well appreciated by the clinicians and awarded him with an IMechE best project award. During the period of the degree, Muhammad was awarded with class medals besides nominations for various other prizes.

In 2009, Muhammad was awarded the "Queens College Scholarship" to undertake a PhD on the subject of high power ultrasonics. His research aims at the advancements in ultrasonic cutting through the development of high performance piezoelectric ultrasonic transducers. The project is affiliated with two notable companies namely ATLAS Elektronik UK and PCT Ltd.

During the period of the PhD, Muhammad will focus on characterization of high performance piezoelectric materials, high performance transducer fabrication and ultrasonic cutting of various tissues.

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