Mr Roderick Habeshaw
Medical Ultrasound
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Mr Roderick Habeshaw

A graduate from Salford University in Audio Technology with a final year specialisation in electronic design, Rod worked initially as a noise and vibration consultant within the demolition and mining sectors, before moving into electro-acoustic design for DML type loudspeakers.

Experience in CAD, DFM and electro-acoustics led to further work within sonar array design and manufacture, and a recent lateral step to IMSaT to work on ultrasound probe design for regional anaesthesia.

Rod is married, with children and lives in Fife.

Design and implementation of a DSP enhanced portable amplifier, AES 32nd International Conference, Habeshaw, Rod; McMahon, Anthony; Munoz, Jordi; Pfann, Eugen; Stirling, Iain
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