Doudou Xu
Medical Ultrasound
e: Doudou Xu

Doudou Xu received her BSc of Bioengineering in Chongqing University of Technology, China, 2007 and MSc of Biomedical Engineering in University of Dundee, UK, 2009 before her starting the PhD.

Her PhD research topic is: Establishment of Cell Culture Models of Human Cancer Cell Lines in Response to Anti-Cancer Encapsulated Drugs by Novel Nano-carriers. This is a joined project is currently supported by Nanoporation: an FP7 funded Marie Curie Industry-Academia Partnerships Pathway project. As an Early Stage Researcher, she is doing her research at one of the projects industrial partners, CapsuTech, who is based in Nazareth, Israel.

Awards and Competitive Scholarships
  • PhD Nanoporation: FP7 funded Marie Curie Industry-Academia Partnerships Pathway project
  • MSc Distinction Student with best student award
Publications and Conference Papers
  • F.D.Arditti, D.Liu, D.Xu, D. Gourevich, Y. Medan, J. Gnaim, S. Cochran, A. Meltzer. Effect of Hyperthermia on the Cytotoxicity of Chemotherapeutic Drugs, The Premire International and Multidisciplinary Meeting for Image-Guided Cancer Therapies, WCIO, 9-12 June, 2011, pp142-143
  • Gerold B., Gourevich D., Xu D. , Arditti F., Prentice P.,Cochran S., Gnaim J., Yoav M., Wang L. and Melzer A. Applicator for In-vitro Ultrasound-activated Targeted Drug Delivery,11th ISTU(The International Society for Therapeutic Ultrasound),New York City, 2011.
  • Q. Zhao, X. Su, S. Wang, D. Xu, X. Zhang, P. Navabpour, D. Teer. Development of nanostructures diamond-like carbon coatings with biofouling-resistant property; EuroNanoForum2009, Nanotechnology for Sustainable Economy (European and International Forum on Nanotechnology) 2-5 June 2009, pp.70
  • D. Xu, P. Fan, Y. Zhang, X. Xu, Studies on HPLC Fingerprint of Total xanthones of Swertia davidi Franch; Chinese Pharmaceutical Journal , Vol. 17, No. 19, pp. 7-8 (2008)
  • Dana Gourevich, Bjoern Gerold, Fabian Arditti, Doudou Xu, Dun Liu, Alex Volovick, Lijun Wang,Yoav Medan, Jallal Gnaim, Paul Prentice, Sandy Cochran, Andreas Melzer. Ultrasound activated nano-encapsulated targeted drug delivery and tumour cell poration. (2011) 47th Oholo conference in the "Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology" (AEMB) (submitted)
  • Dana Gourevich, Osnat Dogadkin, Ritu Malik, Alex Volovick , Bjoern Gerold, Doudou Xu, Yelena Vachutinsky, Fabian Arditti, Lijun Wang, Paul Prentice, Yoav Medan, Jallal Gnaim, Sandy Cochran, Andreas Melzer. An in-vitro study of increased drug uptake with MRI-guided focused ultrasound surgery, 28th ESMRMB (European Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine and Biology), Leipzig/DE, 6-8 October, 2011.
  • Y. Zheng, X. Xu, S. Fu, Y. Han, Y. Yang, D. Xu, H. Zhou, Preparation methods for a drug (Valerian) treatment for insomnia.
Conference Presentation
  • SMIT(23rd Conference of the Society for Medical Innovation and Technology): MRI guided focused ultrasound activated nano encapsulated targeted drug delivery; Tel Aviv, Israel, 12-16 September,2011.
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