Mr Yongqiang Qiu
Medical Ultrasound
e: Mr Yongqiang Qiu

Yongqiang gained his Bachelor of Biomedical Engineering at Tianjin University (China) in July 2007. During undergraduate courses he carried out several mini projects, e.g. Movement Pattern Recognition based on Power Spectra of Surface Electromyography (SEMG), and Design of Single Channel Electrocardiosignal Detector. His final year project was titled "Measurement Methods in Optical Parameters of Biological Tissues".

After graduating from China, Yongqiang moved to the University of Dundee to study MSc degree in Biomedical Engineering. Here, he worked with Dr Zhihong Huang and Dr Alan Slade in Ultrasound Cutting project, mainly working on the finite element simulation of ultrasound surgical tools, his thesis was titled "Optimization of Ultrasonic Tool Performance in Surgery".

Yongqiang started his PhD at University of Dundee in April 2010 and is currently working on the design and fabrication of ultrasound transducer as part of the Sonotweezers project (a 4.2 million, EPSRC collaborative research programme involving researchers from four UK Universities who will use ultrasound to manipulate bioparticles/cells) at the Institute for Medical Science and Technology. His proposed thesis title is "Device of Particle Manipulation with Ultrasound Arrays".

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