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Development of a new stent graft based on improved material using blood flow imaging measurements.
Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTP) is Europe's leading programme helping businesses to improve their competitiveness and productivity through the better use of knowledge, technology and skills. This KTP partnership (#7891) is between the University of Dundee and Tayside Flow Technologies Ltd.

The project is anticipated to accelerate the company's development of a new cardiovascular implant product. The project aims to develop a new stent graft based on improved material using imaging blood flow measurements.

Tayside Flow Technologies has developed a platform technology that restores the blood outflow pattern through prosthetic grafts to the body's natural state - Spiral Laminar Flow™. A precisely engineered flow inducer imparts a rotational force on the blood flow exiting the graft resulting in SLF™. SLF™ reduces static wall pressures at the arterial intimal layer providing efficient and effective blood flow throughout the vasculature.

Start date:August 2010
End date:August 2012
Members of the Project Local Management Committee
Dr Bill Allan, CEO Tayside Flow Technologies Ltd, DundeeProject Chairman/Supervisor
Dr Marcus WoodKTP Adviser
Prof Andreas Melzer, Director, IMSaTAcademic Supervisor
Prof Graeme Houston, Chair Clinical Imaging, Ninewells HospitalAcademic Adviser
Prof Peter Stonebridge, Vascular Surgery, Ninewells HospitalCompany Adviser
Prof Sandy Cochran, Deputy Director, IMSaTResearch Supervisor
Kate Full, Tayside Flow Technologies Ltd, DundeeFacilitator
Vascular Flow Technologies Ltd., Dundee
The Associate
A R Alexander is the KTP Associate managing the project.
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