IMSaT houses GEs first European Centre of Excellence for MRI guided Interventions and Surgery including 1.5 Tesla MRI suite, and X-Ray arm. This is fully equipped with all required facilities for interventional surgical research including the latest Focused Ultrasound system ExAblate (Insightec Ltd., Israel) with body and confomal system, and MR compatible Robotic Arm for percutaneous interventions Innomotion (Innomedic GmbH, Germany).
Main areas of research
  • Soft Embalmed Thiel Human cadavers as a simulator for MR-guided interventional procedures including:
    • Establishing perfusion and breathing motion in Thiel cadavers,
    • 2D and 3D MR Angiography and conventional X-Ray angiography of the cadavers, and
    • Real Time MR Imaging of breathing motion established in Thiel cadavers.
  • Improvement of the visualization of vascular implants e.g. vena cava filters, stents and prosthetic heart valves in MRI,
  • Magnetic Resonance Elastography (MRE),
  • MR Thermometry, and
  • MR Acoustic Radiation Force Imaging.
Professor Andreas MelzerDirector of IMSaT, Leads research in MRI-guided Intervention and Surgery
Dr Mariana GueorguievaPhysicist/Postdoctoral Researcher
Mr Erwin ImmelPhD Student
Mr Martin RubePhD Student
Mr Xu XiaoPhD Student
Institute for Medical Science and Technology, University of Dundee, Wilson House, 1 Wurzburg Loan, Dundee Medipark,
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