Nanoscience and Nanotechnology encompass the understanding of the fundamental physics, chemistry, biology and technology of nanometre-scale objects, materials below 100nm and often at atomic and molecular scale. Whilst, nanotechnology has the potential to create many new materials and devices with a vast range of applications in medicine, electronics, biomaterials, energy production and beyond, as with any disruptive new technologies, it raises several concerns, including nanotoxicity and the environmental impact in general of nanomaterials. The NanoBiology Lab in IMSaT was established in 2009 and was set out to explore the potential benefits for the use of nanomaterials in disease diagnosis and treatment, in an environment that also accommodates expertise and facilities for research and development in medical MRI, Biophotonics, laser physics, medical ultrasound and surgical technology. The remit of the NanoBiology Lab is to address the biosafety issues in parallel with the potential biomedical applications of nanostructures. There are three strains in the long-term objective of the work by our group: 1) the development of novel nanostructures; 2) biocompatible nanostructures for medical applications; 3) biosafety of nanomaterials. The laboratory utilizes a wide variety of multidisciplinary interface approaches and combines cell biology, physico-chemistry, physics and nano-engineering. At present, our laboratory focuses on iron oxides nanoparticles, iron oxides-gold core-shell nano-hybrids and carbon nanotubes for their potential use in image-guided molecular diagnostics and interventions.
Dr Lijun WangGroup Leader
Dr Ritu MalikPostdoctoral Research Assistant
Miss Dana GourevichPhD Student
Mr Dun LiuPhD Student
Recent visiting lab members
Dr Fabian Arditti (CapsuTech Ltd, Israel) 2011
Mr Muhammed Athamma (CapsuTech Ltd, Israel) 2010
Ongoing projects
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